Public Relations
Player Management International designs marketing plans to establish and maintain the professional image and reputation of our clients. Whether our clients are looking to endorse products and make personal appearances or need a proactive game plan to deflect any potential negative press, we guide them through every personal and professional challenge they may face. Player Management International works constantly to increase the marketability of our clients through marketing deals, as well as stressing the importance of charity and community involvement.

Personal Services
Player Management International personally handles the details and decisions associated with the personal lives of our clients. Our unique personal services are tailor- made to allow our clients to focus on their job. Whether it is travel and transportation, event planning, personal purchases, or the shipping of personal property, Player Management International is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any and all personal issues relating to our clients.

Event Planning
Player Management International specializes in special event planning and coordination. Event planning encompasses a broad range of events from golf tournaments and basketball games to charity dinners and various beach events.
Player Management International events feature major media coverage, including the airing of the events on major networks such as ESPN2.

Post-Career Planning
Player Management International takes the careers and lives of our athletes and their families very seriously. During the course of their careers, we spend extensive time and effort assisting our clients in strategically marketing themselves in order that we may help them position themselves for success in the long term. Our goal is that when their playing career is over on the field, they will be able to make a smooth transition into their new life away from the field.