NASCAR lays the fastest track for sponsors in all of sports. As far as fans are concerned, sponsors are part of the family, and they recognize these family ties by seeking out and using the products affiliated with NASCAR. NASCAR fans demonstrate a 72% brand loyalty factor, while 44% of fans actually switched brands to support NASCAR Sponsors.

One of the key factors for sponsors is that NASCAR’s 10-month season keeps the sport top-of-mind throughout the year.

“NASCAR fans are devoted, not just to the races, cars, and drivers, but to the corporations whose corporate logos adorn them.” – Washington Post

Of the 83 million NASCAR fans, 32 million, or 38%, are avid fans that search out NASCAR everywhere by watching races on television, attending races, and buying NASCAR products. 40% of fans are women, making NASCAR one of the most gender-neutral professional sports. 64% have attended college and 41% earn over $50,000 a year. 78% are in the 18-54-age bracket, the big-spending demographic group that sponsors value most. NASCAR fans are 94% more likely to have positive feelings about sponsors products and services, and are twice as likely to buy them.

NASCAR gives sponsors access to the most emotionally charged fans in the sporting universe… passionate fans who support the sport and its sponsors.

We will devise a hassle-free sponsorship program that is cost-effective, increases brand awareness and generates results. Furthermore, we will find a race team and driver that fit your image and desired style of communication.


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