IndyCar Series

The IndyCar Series was launched by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation in 1996, to preserve the integrity of open-wheel, oval-track racing.

The cornerstone of the IndyCar Series is of course the Indianapolis 500, considered by many to be the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing, with a nearly 100-year history, an annual attendance of over 1,500,000 spectators, and worldwide media coverage reaching more than 300 million homes in over 198 different countries.

Since 1996, the IndyCar Series has tripled the size of its series with races in twelve of the country's top media markets including six new markets: Miami; Richmond, Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Chicago and Kansas City, Kansas.

The IndyCar Series is an outstanding opportunity to reach fans with the message of corporate America and corporate America is continually responding. The number of league and team sponsors has increased dramatically since 1996, with all sponsors enjoying total television exposure value of over $500 million.

It's no wonder motorsports is the single fastest growing spectator sport in America!


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