Player Management International, Inc. is a sports marketing and management firm based in Danville, Illinois, 85 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We are a professional organization who assists our clients in keeping their personal affairs in order.

While our main focus is securing endorsement and marketing opportunities for our clients, we work with them in putting together their charity events, sports camps, forming their foundations, and putting them in the spotlight in their community as a person who gives back.

Player Management International has also established itself as a player in the world of auto racing. Since 1999, PMI has negotiated a multitude of sponsorships that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for both the sponsors and the race teams. PMI has been successful in building sponsorship programs that are not only cost effective, but also generate significant exposure and capitalize on the brand loyalty and gender neutrality associated with auto racing.

PMI has relationships with NFL players, basketball coaches, race car drivers, entertainers and Fortune 500 companies.